"Payday Loans" and "Installment Loans" in Amarillo, Texas

Before you apply for any it is important that you know about the different loan types. Basically all loans fall under two main categories- the revolving credit and the installment loans. The lines below provide you essential information regarding payday loans and installment loans that will help you when applying for such loans.

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"What is a payday loan?"

Payday loans are also called payday advance or cash advance and such type of loan gives you the provision of borrowing money against your upcoming pay day. A payday loan is perfect for situations where you need small amount of money that will help you hold over till such time you get your upcoming paycheck. Such loans have been designed to help you cover your short-term financial requirements or obligations, instead of fulfilling your long-term requirement.

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"What is an installment loan?"

Installment loans involve you borrowing a certain amount of money from lender with an agreement to pay back the loan along with interest through monthly payments in series. For instance, if you take a loan of $3,000 at 6% rate of interest for a 2-year period, then you will be required to pay $132.96 per month for a total of 24 installments or months. In case of revolving credit (such as credit card) you need to pay back a set amount and can re-use it over time.

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The Process:

For Installment Loan- It is crucial for you to keep a tab on your credit score as it plays a significant role in the application process of the installment loan. Make sure that your credit score reports are error-free and accurate before you set out for a loan application. Also, don’t forget to pay up all your high balances on your credit card so that your debt-to-income ratio is reasonably impressive. It will also help you get the deal you’re looking for.

For Payday Loan- In order to get your payday loan, it is important that you fill out an application for the same. These loans generally collect all your personal information, banking information, and income information. After you have submitted the application, you will be provided by the lender with a proper lending decision that will allow you to find out the amount that has been approved for your payday loan.

Where To Go For An Installment Loan:

You can start with looking at your local credit union or bank, places where you have previously established a good relationship. You may also qualify for discount on your interest rate if you approach your local credit union or bank where your savings or checking account has already been created. Online lenders are another option for your installment loan. But you need to be very careful before you apply in any such online company for your loan as each company is different from the other. Compare the different online companies and find out where you can find the best deal. And remember to read all the fine print before you agree to borrow money from an online lender so that you are aware of the expenses and the penalties involved in the process.

Payday loan stores are easily available both offline and online. Based on who you select to borrow the amount from, you can get the amount through online process without having to leave your home. But, as mentioned before, you must conduct a thorough research before you choose a lender online or offline before you approach for a payday loan.


Whether you are in need of an installment loan or a payday loan, the above-mentioned payday loans and installment loans information will help you proceed in a knowledgeable way with regard to your loan application.

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